This is the story of our precious baby boy, who was diagnosed prenatally at
17 weeks with a fatal chromosome disorder called Trisomy 13. Although
Jonathan's condition is considered "not compatible with life", we desired to give
him every chance at life. Our prayer is that those who are touched by our story
are drawn to God, who is Life Himself. John 14:6

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end of 2011 update

i've been meaning to update all of my blogs for at least 3 months now, which is a perfect illustration of where i am in life right now...3 months or so behind on just about everything! it makes me feel a little bit stressed when things don't get crossed off my "to-do" list in a timely manner, but i guess it's just the season of life i'm in now. and i don't expect for things to improve much until my kids are out of college.

but i did want to post quick update on the events at the end of 2011.

first of all, i just want to say that 2011 was a fantastic year for our family. the best yet, in fact. we are happy, healthy, blessed, and surrounded by family and good friends. i have so much to be thankful for! 

the run for new life 5K went off without a hitch again this year. however, we had a much smaller crowd, mostly due to the race being held in december (it was REALLY cold) and on the same day as a much larger race. quite honestly, if we were to judge our success by the turnout, we might be disappointed with all of it. but instead something extraordinary happened, and with it came a great reminder that God is very much the Orchestrator of the details and that when we feel like we have failed or fallen short, He shows us that He is greater than all of our weaknesses! it's just amazing.

anyway, we were presented with exactly the type of opportunity we hold this very race for.  one of the participants this year had very recently lost a full-term baby unexpectedly. not a believer and very much alone, we had to opportunity to minister to her and to get her connected to some awesome people in my church that would help supply for her immediate needs, including her spiritual needs. 
i think the lesson the Lord taught us in all of this was: 1. it's not about us. or our lost babies. sure, the race is filling a need in our area, where there are no other memorial walks of this nature. but for us, the organizers, it is no longer about doing this for our own babies. it's about doing it for the individuals and families who are facing a loss or have experienced a loss and who do not have hope for healing. we know personally and intimately the healing power of the Lord Jesus after losing a baby. and it is now about sharing this hope with others. 2. it's not about numbers. if one, only ONE person comes to know the healing power of the Lord because of our little 5K, then it will all be worth it, whether there are 500 people walking it or just 5.

so we've already started the planning for next year's race with excitement of what the Lord has in store. it's moving back to october (pregnancy and infant loss awareness month) on a day where there are no other races in the area.

on a side note, i got to run this year and....actually won the whole thing! my time was 22:10 and i won a year membership to gold's gym. so that was pretty exciting for me since i haven't raced in almost 5 years.