This is the story of our precious baby boy, who was diagnosed prenatally at
17 weeks with a fatal chromosome disorder called Trisomy 13. Although
Jonathan's condition is considered "not compatible with life", we desired to give
him every chance at life. Our prayer is that those who are touched by our story
are drawn to God, who is Life Himself. John 14:6

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i'll take it

i got a (seemingly legit) email the other day informing me that this blog (jonathan's journey) has placed #54 out of the top 60 "2010 Top Mom and Dad Blogs." 

Top Mom & Dad Blog

two things:

1.  i did not know this existed
2.  it's a good thing they consider the top 60 blogs instead of top 50, right?

but i'll take it. 

as this blog was only originally intended to be a place where family and friends could check in on our pregnancy with jonathan, it amazing and humbling that anyone else would even care to read about our journey.  it has truly blessed us, the encouragement and prayers we've received from around the world.  thank you.

if you care to know more about the site that does the awarding, you can click here.


  1. That's wonderful, Lauren and it TRULY is a blessing to be allowed to share with you!!

    Lots and lots of love!!!

  2. That's great Lauren! Congrats!

  3. Congrats! I know you have blessed so many through your faith and words, including me. xxx

  4. Yay! That is pretty cool. You--and your blog--are a blessing to me!

  5. That's great...I would just like to say that I do not know you, nor do you know me, but I have been following your blog since before Jonathan was born. I greatly enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. Never underestimate the power of your blog! We see the acorn, but God's sees the mighty oak. I just learned recently more people read mine than I realized...your "followers" are only a fraction of who actually is being touched by your testimony and God's word. This is the way God would want us to use technology for his Kingdom. It is powerful Lauren and I'm glad God showed you that by some positive reinforcement. He's so sweet that way...I'll share with you in person how He did the same for me! Love you! xoxo.